Sketches of Beaubien Est

Beaubien Est, the neighbourhood around the Cinéma Beaubien, is where people go to buy mediocre ice cream cones for $5, fresh loaves of bread for $5.85 and luxury burgers for $18. Everything is overpriced. Lattés cost more here than they do downtown, in Old Montreal, in the Plateau. A couple of years ago, a struggling generic pizzeria closed for … Continue reading Sketches of Beaubien Est

Space for Kids (and Cars)

In daycare centres across Quebec, infants must have access to at least 2 m2 of play space. What's 2 m2? An area bigger than my bedroom door (1.5 m2) but smaller than my old double bed (2.5 m2). Those same infants get an additional and separate 2 m2 of sleeping space (just enough space for a crib). … Continue reading Space for Kids (and Cars)

In Defense of Sand

In defense of children walking and crawling on surfaces that are uneven. In defense of buckets and pails and shovels used to build villages, castles and rivers. In defense of sand mixed with water. In defense of falling on something soft not made of petrol. (Unless your municipality or daycare bought plastic-covered sand; yes, that … Continue reading In Defense of Sand