When Grammar and Geography Collide: Emigrant versus Immigrant

To emigrate is to exit a country; to immigrate is to come into a country. Emigrants exit; immigrants come in. E-E-I-I. How often have you heard or read this memory trick? It's repeated without thought, like a burp after a sip of soda: involuntary and expected. The emigrant/immigrant pair came up in the final assignment … Continue reading When Grammar and Geography Collide: Emigrant versus Immigrant


Crossing Border

The American border is intrusive, aggressive, destabilizing. The American border x-rays bags, dusts hands, searches bodies. With a hostile disposition and banal questions, border guards attempt to identify sketchy and suspicious travellers, those most likely to be boxed as potential or actual terrorists, I suppose. Last month, I crossed the American border in Montréal–Trudeau International … Continue reading Crossing Border

The Call Shop

Welcome to the Lanka and Philippines Stores. It's a call shop, located on a small street near Tripoli's international fair. Most days, it appears empty. But on Sundays, it comes to life. Ethiopian, Sri Lankan, and Filipino women stand in the store's alley, talking on cordless phones, leaning against the wall. Those without phones gather … Continue reading The Call Shop