At Home in Ikea

My home is a collage of recent and not-so-recent Ikea catalogues. I eat at an Ikea table, sit on Ikea chairs, work at an Ikea desk, arrange my books on Ikea shelves, lounge on an Ikea couch, draw Ikea curtains, and sleep on an Ikea bed. And in this collage, the actual Ikea catalogue sits … Continue reading At Home in Ikea


The Day-to-Day Business of Living

Welcome to my neighbourhood. I live in Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal, where posters record the day-to-day business of living. They hang off utility polls, bus shelters, and mail boxes. They're in plain sight for passersby to read and rip a phone number tab. They tell stories of work, home, and domesticity. Warehouse clerk wanted. Live-in caregiver needed. … Continue reading The Day-to-Day Business of Living

The Olive Shop in Al Qalamoun

She's known for pulling money from under her cardigan and offering lemonade to visitors. Her fingers are short and wide; her walk, slow and deliberate; her body, heavy with decades of work; her eyes, beautiful with a smile. She's the cook and shopkeeper of an olive, blossom water, and jam store on the old coastal … Continue reading The Olive Shop in Al Qalamoun