A Place to Live When We Are Old*

Hospital, home, hospital, home. For a couple of years, my grandfather went back and forth between these two places. Except this one time. The doctors told him that he could leave the hospital. But home wasn't possible; my grandmother couldn't provide the care my grandfather needed. So he checked into a seniors' home. Here he … Continue reading A Place to Live When We Are Old*


The Motel Strip of Scarborough

Motel after motel after motel. Used-auto-parts shop after used-auto-parts shop after used-auto-parts shop. It's 10 pm on a Saturday, and we're driving on Kingston Road in Scarborough, Ontario, looking for the two-star Howard Johnson Inn where we've reserved a room. We find it, and next door we see a sign for Pakhtoon Motors, a used–auto … Continue reading The Motel Strip of Scarborough