At Home in Ikea

My home is a collage of recent and not-so-recent Ikea catalogues. I eat at an Ikea table, sit on Ikea chairs, work at an Ikea desk, arrange my books on Ikea shelves, lounge on an Ikea couch, draw Ikea curtains, and sleep on an Ikea bed. And in this collage, the actual Ikea catalogue sits … Continue reading At Home in Ikea


Neighbourhood #4

I recently moved over the mountain into the city's (vast) east end. I now live where people plant gardens in front, out back, in alleys, and in city patches of grass. I live in an area where ice cream dates are frequent and five-dollar cones a regular Monday-night occurrence. I live where pita is stale and cheese … Continue reading Neighbourhood #4

A Place to Live When We Are Old*

Hospital, home, hospital, home. For a couple of years, my grandfather went back and forth between these two places. Except this one time. The doctors told him that he could leave the hospital. But home wasn't possible; my grandmother couldn't provide the care my grandfather needed. So he checked into a seniors' home. Here he … Continue reading A Place to Live When We Are Old*