The Olive Shop in Al Qalamoun

She's known for pulling money from under her cardigan and offering lemonade to visitors. Her fingers are short and wide; her walk, slow and deliberate; her body, heavy with decades of work; her eyes, beautiful with a smile. She's the cook and shopkeeper of an olive, blossom water, and jam store on the old coastal … Continue reading The Olive Shop in Al Qalamoun

The Call Shop

Welcome to the Lanka and Philippines Stores. It's a call shop, located on a small street near Tripoli's international fair. Most days, it appears empty. But on Sundays, it comes to life. Ethiopian, Sri Lankan, and Filipino women stand in the store's alley, talking on cordless phones, leaning against the wall. Those without phones gather … Continue reading The Call Shop

Food Markets: A Way to My Heart

I love food and where it’s sold: markets. Lingering in food shops and food aisles and chatting with food vendors and food makers are some of the ways I know PLACE. Let me introduce you to some of the markets I visited in Tripoli, Lebanon. Sections and Service This market caught my attention during my … Continue reading Food Markets: A Way to My Heart