Walking Rosemont

For someone who loves movement and geography, I sure can hesitate to cross the street or go for a walk. Standing at a street corner, looking at the traffic of humans and cars, I try to determine the timing of the traffic lights. Should I step off the curb? Will the light turn yellow? Will the … Continue reading Walking Rosemont


Neighbourhood #4

I recently moved over the mountain into the city's (vast) east end. I now live where people plant gardens in front, out back, in alleys, and in city patches of grass. I live in an area where ice cream dates are frequent and five-dollar cones a regular Monday-night occurrence. I live where pita is stale and cheese … Continue reading Neighbourhood #4

Crossing Border

The American border is intrusive, aggressive, destabilizing. The American border x-rays bags, dusts hands, searches bodies. With a hostile disposition and banal questions, border guards attempt to identify sketchy and suspicious travellers, those most likely to be boxed as potential or actual terrorists, I suppose. Last month, I crossed the American border in Montréal–Trudeau International … Continue reading Crossing Border