Space for Kids (and Cars)

In daycare centres across Quebec, infants must have access to at least 2 m2 of play space. What's 2 m2? An area bigger than my bedroom door (1.5 m2) but smaller than my old double bed (2.5 m2). Those same infants get an additional and separate 2 m2 of sleeping space (just enough space for a crib). … Continue reading Space for Kids (and Cars)


Let’s Play Camping: Part I

Last weekend, Sam and I went camping. The night prior to departure, Sam asked about my passport. I hadn't packed it , and I would need it to cross the border on our way to Mount Washington, New Hampshire. I started looking in obvious drawers and folders. I looked and looked again, shuffled papers, turned … Continue reading Let’s Play Camping: Part I

Neighbourhood #4

I recently moved over the mountain into the city's (vast) east end. I now live where people plant gardens in front, out back, in alleys, and in city patches of grass. I live in an area where ice cream dates are frequent and five-dollar cones a regular Monday-night occurrence. I live where pita is stale and cheese … Continue reading Neighbourhood #4