Let’s Play Camping: Part II

On a cold June day in Indiana, we woke in a Super 8 motel near the highway and drove to Decatur, a small industrial town three hours north of Indianapolis. In a huge parking lot, 100 white RVs (recreational vehicles) waited for their "relocators," the people who would drive the RVs to Denver, Las Vegas, … Continue reading Let’s Play Camping: Part II


Let’s Play Camping: Part I

Last weekend, Sam and I went camping. The night prior to departure, Sam asked about my passport. I hadn't packed it , and I would need it to cross the border on our way to Mount Washington, New Hampshire. I started looking in obvious drawers and folders. I looked and looked again, shuffled papers, turned … Continue reading Let’s Play Camping: Part I

The Motel Strip of Scarborough

Motel after motel after motel. Used-auto-parts shop after used-auto-parts shop after used-auto-parts shop. It's 10 pm on a Saturday, and we're driving on Kingston Road in Scarborough, Ontario, looking for the two-star Howard Johnson Inn where we've reserved a room. We find it, and next door we see a sign for Pakhtoon Motors, a used–auto … Continue reading The Motel Strip of Scarborough