Let’s Play Camping: Part II

On a cold June day in Indiana, we woke in a Super 8 motel near the highway and drove to Decatur, a small industrial town three hours north of Indianapolis. In a huge parking lot, 100 white RVs (recreational vehicles) waited for their "relocators," the people who would drive the RVs to Denver, Las Vegas, … Continue reading Let’s Play Camping: Part II


Crossing Border

The American border is intrusive, aggressive, destabilizing. The American border x-rays bags, dusts hands, searches bodies. With a hostile disposition and banal questions, border guards attempt to identify sketchy and suspicious travellers, those most likely to be boxed as potential or actual terrorists, I suppose. Last month, I crossed the American border in Montréal–Trudeau International … Continue reading Crossing Border

Guidebooks: More Yellow Pages?

When did guidebooks become Yellow Pages? Collections of listing and camouflaged advertisements? Mere categorizations of places where you can spend money to fulfill an action: restaurants/eat, shops/shop, museums/appreciate, hotels/sleep? You will tell me that paragraphs and pages on history, culture, and society preface the listings. You will tell me that guidebooks list museums with cheap … Continue reading Guidebooks: More Yellow Pages?